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Please provide any extra information or details of anything that disturbs or unsettles your dog such as fireworks, lawnmowers, hoovers, postmen etc...


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All bookings whether confirmed or pending a 'sniffing out' meeting are subject to Holidogs Terms and Conditions. Submission of a booking form constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and your confirmed use of our service will indicate your acceptance of the term in force each time you use holidogs.


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Family run business that cares for your dog in our own home


True home from home where your dog will be cared for the same way you do


Highly professional and caring dog boarding


Happier alternative to kennels


Kind, safe and secure environment


Dogs needs always come first - we are devoted to our canine companions


Long countryside walks twice daily


Supervised play with other dogs


No hidden charges or joining fees for home boarding


Fully licensed and registered with Staffordshire Moorlands District Council


Lots of love and TLC comes as standard


We encourage a 'sniffing out' meeting before you book with us to ensure you are entirely happy with Holidogs


Doggie Day Care available in the working week.




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