Dog Boarding Cotton Staffordshire  


Please also take some time to read through Staffordshire Holidogs terms and conditions on this web site.

• What is home dog boarding?

Home boarding with Staffordshire Holidogs means that your dog will be staying in our family home in a kind, caring and secure environment and will enjoy all the comforts of his own home. THERE ARE NO KENNELS OR DOG RUNS here at Holidogs only a large garden to run around, constant company and soft cosy beds to snooze on.

• Is my dog suitable for home boarding as an alternative to kennels?

We welcome all non-aggressive, well socialized family dogs that can be walked off leash and have good recall. All dogs will be living and sleeping in our family home and therefore unpredictable, destructive and/or dogs with anxiety issues are not suitable for a stay at Staffordshire Holidogs in Cotton..

• How many dogs board at Staffordshire Holidogs at any one time?

We are licensed to board up to three dogs at any one time.

• Do I need to bring my dog for a 'sniffing out' meeting?

It is essential that you bring your dog to visit us before a booking is made. We will not confirm any booking until we have met and approved your dog.

• Where will my dog sleep?

Your dog will sleep in our kitchen along with our own family Labrador, Poppy and any other boarding dogs. We do not allow dogs to sleep in our bedroom. If your dog usually sleeps in your bedroom at home he will not be suitable for a stay at Holidogs. We know from experience that your dog will not settle downstairs.

• How much exercise will my dog receive?

Dogs staying with us will have two 1-2 hour off leash countryside walks daily. We will however, tailor walkies to suit each individual dog's needs (for example if your dog is elderly or infirm.)

• What will I need to provide?

You only need to provide adequate food for you dog's stay and an up to date inoculation card/certificate. All bedding, leads and collars are supplied by Staffordshire Holidogs. Please also remember to bring any medication your dog may be taking.

• Why don't you accept entire male dogs?

Although we understand that most un-neutered male dogs are usually very well behaved, we know through experience that they can become dominant and aggressive when in a pack environment. The welfare of our doggie guests is paramount at all times and for this reason we do not accept entire males.

• What happens if you have difficulty coping with my dog?

If with have any difficulties at all with any dog because it is out of control, bites or is aggressive it will be put in to kennels and any fees met by the owner.

• What time can I drop off and collect my dog?

For dogs boarding with Staffordshire Holidogs drop off and collection is by arrangement.

For doggie day care dogs the times are as follows:-

Drop off at 8 am Collection by 6pm Late collection available. Fees incurred.

• What happens if my dog suffers health problems or is hurt while boarding at Staffordshire Holidogs?

We will do our up most to take your dog to your own vet but if this is not possible we are registered with Lime Trees Veterinary Clinic who will meet any emergency medical requirements 24 hours a day. Any fees must be met by the owner before collection.

• Is Staffordshire Holidogs licensed and insured?

We are fully licensed and registered with Staffordshire Moorlands District Council and have regular visits and checks from their licensing officers. We also have full Public Liability Insurance.

Please feel free to call me with any other questions or queries you may have.


Family run business that cares for your dog in our own home


True home from home where your dog will be cared for the same way you do


Highly professional and caring dog boarding


Happier alternative to kennels


Kind, safe and secure environment


Dogs needs always come first - we are devoted to our canine companions


Long countryside walks twice daily


Supervised play with other dogs


No hidden charges or joining fees for home boarding


Fully licensed and registered with Staffordshire Moorlands District Council


Lots of love and TLC comes as standard


We encourage a 'sniffing out' meeting before you book with us to ensure you are entirely happy with Holidogs


Doggie Day Care available in the working week.




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